2014 Schedule

8:30 am   Registration/breakfast (see menu below), welcome    
9:00 am Dean Ballroom Keynote: The Future of Computing-Mediated Research and Innovation Daniel A. Reed, Vice President for Research and Economic Development;
University Computational Science and Bioinformatics Chair
10:00 am Dean Ballroom The Impact of Informatics at Iowa Ben Rogers, Senior Director of Research Services, Information Technology Services  
10:30 am   Break    
10:45 am Dean Ballroom UI Informatics Researchers    
    1. Personalized Genomic Medicine: Using high throughput sequencing data to understand the medical and scientific significance of variation in the human genome Tom Bair, Director, Bioinformatics Division, Iowa Institute for Human Genetics  
    2. Managing complexities of collecting, curating and performing analysis of 'Big Data’:  An exploration of the tools and engineering approaches used to support an international multi-site longitudinal study Hans Johnson, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry; Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Biomedical Engineering  
    3. Mapping Decline: St. Louis and the Fate of the American City Colin Gordon, Professor of History, UI College of Liberal Arts & Sciences   
12:00 pm   Lunch (see menu below) /poster session viewing    
1:00 pm Dean Ballroom IT Leadership Award presentation    
1:15 pm   Breakout Session I (choose 1)    
  Johnson Room Prime Time for Virtual Reality?  Joe Kearney, Professor of Computer Science, UI College of Liberal Arts & Sciences  
  Dean Ballroom Lync Panel Discussion Ryan Lenger and Steve Schallau, ITS Enterprise Communication and Collaboration  
  Lindquist Theatre Business Intelligence for Energy Consumption Monitoring Katie Rossmann, Energy Engineer, Facilities Management  
2:05 pm   Break    
2:20 pm   Breakout Session II (choose 1)    
  Dean Ballroom The Great Race: Data Security Edition Carl Ness, Information Security Officer, ITS  
  Lindquist Theatre Large Lecture Transformation Project Jane Russell and Steve Silva, ITS Office of Teaching, Learning, & Technology  
  Carver Room Dancing Robots Denise Szecsei, Department of Computer Science  
3:15 pm Dean Ballroom Steve Fleagle, Associate VP and CIO (via video)    
3:50 pm Dean Ballroom Wrap-Up