Tech Forum 2016 Posters


Research Computing @ UI

Presenters: Sai Kumar Ramadugu and Brenna Miller

The poster discusses all the services and tools available for research computing in the University of Iowa provided by ITS-Research Services.


Business Intelligence Shared Service Center

Presenters: Brenda Ulin and Dawn Moore

Business Intelligence (BI) has become increasingly more important on campus as we explore ways to become more efficient, effective, and competitive. BI can deliver greater insight into institutional performance, enable faster and better informed decisions, and can provide information for quicker response to opportunities and threats. Business Intelligence Shared Service Center (BISSC) was organized to centrally organize core BI functions into a single service-oriented unit to deliver robust BI services. The BISSC will provide the necessary knowledge, resources, and best practices to all campus, additionally BISSC and the existing campus BI experts are establishing a campus-wide Business Intelligence Community. 


OneIT Project: Electronic File Storage

Presenters: Mark Wilson and Dave Bronder

​The Electronic File Storage project was closed out in February 2016. Accomplishments include:

  • Decreased price of Large Scale Storage (LSS) to $40/TB/year
  • Expanded LSS for non-research use
  • Increased “free” level of RDSS storage to 5 TB
  • Decreased price of Files@Iowa storage to $1/GB/year
  • Storage outreach, classes and assistance with selecting the right service
  • Closed and Migrated Low Cost File Service (LCFS)
  • Migrated additional units to Shared and Home Drive services


IT Leadership Development Team

Presenters: AM - Chris Clough and Greg Schwartz; PM - Suzanne Malo and Jim Chaffee

Developing and supporting strong leadership skills and practices throughout the University of Iowa IT community has been a strategic focus over the past eight years. The IT Leadership Development Team (ITLDT), sponsored by the CIO and the ITS Leadership Team, provides programs, activities, and support to bring together campus-wide IT staff who have leadership responsibilities or potential in order to ensure continued leadership development and application of leadership skills at the individual, unit, and institutional levels.


OneIT Project: IT Governance & Visibility Initiatives

Presenters: Tim Shie and Maggie Jesse

Enhanced IT governance at the University of Iowa will become the mechanism that supports ongoing value from OneIT. Increasing the visibility of IT projects and service needs will offer better prioritization and decision making. This new process will continuously monitor IT services, projects, budgets and expenses and offer more consistent reporting and understanding of the UI IT environment. 


Institutional Data Users Group

Presenters: Brenda Ulin and Rebekah Ahrens

The Institutional Data Users Group helps to foster appropriate use of institutional data; demonstrate University Data Warehouse features and functionality; encourage networking between institutional data stewards and users; share tips, tricks, techniques, and best practices; and provide a forum to share and solicit enhancements. Learn about the the Institutional Data User Group  sessions, and how it is helping to create collaborative environment for access and usage of Institutional Data.  


ITADmins Community: Be in the Know!

Presenters: Ryan Lenger and Tim Wolf

The ITAdmin Community is a community of IT professionals who meet monthly to share ideas on technical and service challenges, learn about IT initiatives going on at the University of Iowa, and network with other IT professionals doing similar work here at the UI.


Effectiveness of a Peer Assessment Tool: Improving SOAP Note Skills in the College of Pharmacy

Presenter: Jae-Eun Russell 

An instructor in the College of Pharmacy implemented a web-based peer assessment tool, Calibrated Peer Review (CPR), to improve students’ writing SOAP note skills. Four writing assignments were graded by the instructor in the previous semesters, which imposed significant workload to the instructor. Instead, the first two writing assignments were reviewed and assessed by peers with CPR, and the last two assignments were assessed by the instructor in the spring 2015. Students reported the positive perceptions of helpfulness of peer assessment in their learning, in particular, 58% of the students reported that peer assessment provided with more useful feedback than receiving feedback from an individual faculty member. 


OneIT Project: Identity Management

Presenters: Mike Noel, Brandon Mills, Jordan O'Konek, and Kris Halter

The project aims to leverage identity and access management solutions to provide more efficient and supportable campus services through consolidation, standardization, and application of
best practices.

  • Sub-Project 1: COPH and DentistryAD Migrations
  • Sub-Project 2: Engineering AD Migrations
  • Sub-Project 3: Streamline Credential Management
  • Sub-Project 4: Enterprise Provisioning & Deprovisioning
  • Sub-Project 5: IowaOne ID Cards
  • Sub-Project 6: Electronic Door Access
  • Sub-Project 7: Role-base


OneIT Project: IT Project Management Office

Presenters: Mike Frangi, Greg Schwartz, and Kris Halter

The project objective is to develop a formal, centralized Information Technology Project Management Office with clearly defined standard processes for initiating, approving, managing, closing, and evaluating information technology projects at the UI.


  • New HR job class. "Project Coordinator"
  • New IT PMO website:
  • Outlining new project governance structure


  • Project and time tracking for IT staff
  • 851 IT projects formally tracked
  • 84.1% of IT staff currently tracking time


OneIT Project: Data Centers & Servers

Presenters: Guy Falsetti, JJ Urich, Jerry Protheroe, and Kris Halter

The project goal is to consolidate server rooms on campus to centrally governed, managed, and supported multi-tenant data centers.


  • Rooms reclaimed: 17
  • Floor space reclaimed: 4,216 sq. ft.
  • Servers Consolidated: 360
  • Yearly MEP and power savings: $344k
  • Rooms audited: 55

Future Plans:

  • FY16: 20 room decommissions
  • FY17: 8 room decommissions


Innovation Award Winners 2016

Presenters: Steve Tomblin, ES-App Dev, and Megan Mathews, Center for Teaching

Sponsored by the Academic Technologies Advisory Council (ATAC), the Innovations in Teaching with Technology Awards (ITTA) fund significant and innovative projects that have the potential to improve teaching and learning throughout the University of Iowa. This year, five University of Iowa instructors were awarded a total of $95,884 in support of their innovative approaches to teaching with technology.


Carverpedia: A collaborative archive of faculty- and student-authored learning aids

Presenters: Reuben Vyn, SITA, Center for Teaching and Dr. Darren Hoffmann, Anatomy and Cell Biology

Carverpedia is a novel collaboration between preclinical medical students and faculty to produce a centralized location for learning aids. We identified a lack of continuity in student-generated learning aids and the sharing of advice and resources between medical classes. Carverpedia is designed to organize files and links in a centralized location accessible to all students. The Carverpedia website is built in the UIowa Wiki platform and managed by the UI OTLT. We believe that Carverpedia could act as an important integrating hub for students moving through preclinical and clinical years.


ITS Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology Website Refresh

Presenter: Megan Mathews

A collaborative effort between the ITS Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology and Web Services results in a new and improved website for University of Iowa instructors. The website provides pedagogically-focused resources for faculty, early-career faculty, post-doc and graduate instructors including resources on over 40 teaching topics.