Steve Fleagle, Associate Vice President & Chief Information Officer
CIO Presentations - OneIT, HCIS, and Plans for Integration

In late 2017, leaders from OneIT and Health Care Information Systems announced a vision for an integrated IT environment at the University of Iowa to leverage expertise, accommodate growing demand for IT services, and provide a more consistent experience for technology users. As the university IT community embarks on this journey, Chief Information Officers Steve Fleagle and Lee Carmen will provide an overview of the structure, services, and current/future areas of focus for each organization. They will also share an update on IT integration and take questions.

Fleagle is an Associate Vice President and CIO at the UI. He has been CIO for 14 years, and has served UI for 24 years in all, previously holding other IT leadership positions, including technical director of the cardiovascular image processing research laboratory. He holds a degree in electrical engineering from the UI. Higher education collaborations are of chief interest to Fleagle. He has devoted much of his career to founding and leading collaborative efforts through his work with the BOREAS Network, Northern Tier Network Consortium, Big 10 Academic Alliance, and Common Solutions Group, and he serves on the boards of Unizin and Internet2. Over the past 3 years, he has worked with the campus IT community to increase collaboration and create a unified organization called OneIT.

Lee Carmen

Carmen is the Chief Information Officer and Associate Vice President for Information Technology at University of Iowa Health Care, providing strategic and operational support for information technology, telecommunications and bioengineering services at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics and the Roy J. Carver College of Medicine. In addition, he is an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Health Management and Policy and the Department of Computer Science. Carmen has been managing information technology in academic medical centers for over 25 years. Prior to that, he was involved in developing computer systems in cardiovascular research at the UI and at the University of Oklahoma.

Blair Wagner will lead a session on growing your soft skills competency

Increasing Your Impact through Soft Skills

Discover soft skills that are key for a successful IT career. In this session, you'll learn what a soft skill is and how it impacts a career in IT, discover the soft skills considered critical by University of Iowa IT leaders, and identify three soft skills that would increase your impact. We'll take a deeper dive into one soft skill that's important for IT professionals: customer empathy. Over lunch, we'll begin collaborating with colleagues from OneIT and HCIS with a goal of meeting new people.

The session will be led by Blair Wagner, a professional leadership coach and organizational consultant with more than 20 years of project-management, leadership-development, and change-management experience. She is a project coach for the Executive Leadership Academy, provides leadership coaching to UILead participants, and serves as a change-management consultant within HR. Wagner co-authored an award-winning curriculum on female bullying, which is being used in 43 states and five countries. As board president of the International Coach Federation (ICF) of Iowa, she serves as a leader in the coaching community and volunteers her time to build the coaching profession and to educate and mentor junior coaches.


Lightning talks

UI Health Care Electronic Health Record - Learn how the electronic health record enables patient-centered care across health care services by examining a patient’s emergency referral to UI Hospitals and Clinics.

Denise Grafft, BSN, RN, Assistant Director, Clinical Applications, HCIS

MyUI Academic and Curricular Planning - Simplifying near-term and long-term student academic career planning via sample plans of study, personalized academic plans, and a schedule-building-based registration tool

Rebekah Tjelmeland, Senior Application Developer, Administrative Information Systems

Patient Engagement at UI Health Care - A look at the IT services advancing patient engagement through the electronic health record web portal, mobile apps, and self-service devices.

Brian Cassady, Lead Application Developer, Clinical Applications, HCIS

Leveraging Institutional Data: Predicting Undergraduate Enrollment and Retention - MAUI provides a rich data source for predictive analytics, with many potential applications throughout campus. This talk focuses on current work to predict student enrollment and retention on campus, and highlights resources of interest for other groups interested in including or expanding prediction in their work.

Grant Brown, Assistant Professor of Biostatistics, UI College of Public Health

Elements of Success: Accelerating Student Success Using Data - EoS is a learning analytics platform designed to help students achieve their desired course outcomes by providing real-time feedback on their performance. This flash talk covers the research behind, current implementation, and future directions of this program.

Anna Smith, Learning Analytics Specialist, Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology

Enterprise IT Prioritization - Recognizing the need to deepen senior leader involvement, HCIS developed a process for health care executives to evaluate and prioritize IT service changes in detail. A retrospective on the successes, refinements, challenges, and a look ahead.

Lee Carmen, Associate Vice President for Information Systems and CIO, UI Health Care

Developing Student Employees into Full-Time IT Professionals - A tour of the student employee lifecycle in Administrative Information Systems, showcasing contributions made by student software developers.

Ed Hill, Senior Application Architect, Administrative Information Systems

Blockchain 101 - Blockchain has emerged as 2018's hottest tech buzzword, and the applications are seemingly endless. This talk will discuss the basics of this emerging technology and illuminate information security implications.

Matt Brenton, Senior IT Security Analyst, Information Security and Policy Office

UI Health Care IT Service Management Update - Since presenting at Tech Forum 2016, IT Service Management (ITSM) has continued to evolve.  A look at the deployment of the Cherwell ITSM application, customer portals, and IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) implementation.

Jennifer Reinier, IT Service Management Lead, HCIS

What’s GPU Got To Do With It? - What is driving the adoption of Graphics Processing Units in campus research and plans to support this emerging technology.

Ben Rogers, Senior IT Director, Research Services

Hugs Infant Protection - Learn how caregivers protect newborn patients at UI Health Care with the Hugs real time location service.

Jason Smith, Senior IT Director, Technical Operations, HCIS