Please take a moment to let us know what you thought of Tech Forum 2019 by completing a brief online survey by Monday, July 1. Your feedback provides valuable insight that we use to continually improve Tech Forum.

We’d also like to take time to send thanks to:

  • Mark Fullenkamp for serving as emcee for the day.
  • Mitchell and Mae from the ITS administrative support staff for helping with registration.
  • All of our presenters.
  • Mike Jenn for offering his expertise as the event photographer.
  • Professor Doug Jones for teaching us about the equipment he provided for the “retro museum.”
  • Sarah Mascher Wallace and Andrea Wallace for putting together the “escape room” activity over lunch.
  • Reese Reimers for his help with the setup and monitoring of Skype for Business.

 A selection of photos are available on Facebook, email us to request high-resolution files.

We hope you enjoyed the day and thank you for attending!

The Tech Forum 2019 Committee
Apryl Betts, Amir Bozorgzadeh, Nicole Dahya, Bob Eubanks, Tim Flynn, Kim Horras, Isaac Podolefsky, Jessica Richardson,  Bryan Ringen, Randy Ringnalda, and Jehu Torres